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Mount Ulriken in Winter

With the snowy, cold, wintry weather continuing, it seemed like an opportune moment to ascend the tallest of Bergen’s seven mountains on Monday.  Brilliant sunshine, clear skies and chilly air meant the views were fantastic from the top of Mount Ulriken, which stands at 643m (2109ft). Ulriken is far from the highest mountain in Norway … Continue reading Mount Ulriken in Winter

It’s Still Winter in Bergen

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been experiencing some not entirely unexpected winter weather in Bergen.  A small snowfall last week and some cold temperatures were followed up with a slightly heavier snowfall yesterday.  The first couple of images here are from last week and a visit to the Montana area, the rest are … Continue reading It’s Still Winter in Bergen

A Visit to Skansen

A couple of days ago we paid a visit to the Skansen area of Bergen.  Situated just behind the lower Fløybanen station this is an area of charming narrow streets leading up to the Skansedammen with its old wooden fire station.  Perched on a small flat area overlooking central Bergen, this prominent building and its … Continue reading A Visit to Skansen

Winter Morning at Tveitevatnet

Tveitevatnet is a lake in Bergen a couple of miles from the city centre which always attracts a lot of birdlife, even when frozen over as it was when I visited a few days ago. I was lucky enough to get a few decent shots of several different species, some resident, some migratory, as they … Continue reading Winter Morning at Tveitevatnet

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