End of Season

Now that winter has arrived here in Bergen, the tourist industry more or less goes into hibernation. Our last guests of the year were a couple of delightful ladies from Geelong, near Melbourne in Australia, who had stopped off for a short stay in Bergen before heading north to try and catch the northern lights up in the north of the country.

We had an uncharacteristically fine day at the end of October and enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the older areas of Bergen, then up to Mount Fløyen, of course, for the panoramic views. We walked back down through the forested slopes to the city centre, stopping off at Skansen on the way.

Our walk was very pleasant and both our guests appeared to enjoy the day. Bergen Photo Walks certainly looks forward to many more days like this during a busy year to come…

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5 thoughts on “End of Season

  1. Hi there,
    My husband and I are visiting Bergen in September and I would like to find out about your photography tours please. Can you provide details (time of day, how many hours, cost) for a photo walk to see autumn scenery?
    Lina Ridley


  2. Hi Lina,
    thanks for your enquiry. I would need to know the exact dates as BPW works quite often with cruise ship customers so we would be best avoiding a clash with any cruise ship dates. If we have a free day then we can tailor the start time to suit you. The cost is 500NOK per person and tours last around four hours. Payment details will be provided upon confirmation.

    Should you be interested then please get in touch again and hopefully we’ll see you in September.

    Iain (BPW)


  3. Hi Iain,
    I’ve never used this system before and am unsure about confidentiality. Can you please email me so we can discuss dates.


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