Winter is the Quiet Time

Obviously there isn't much tourist activity over the winter months but Bergen Photo Walks has been working on prospects for the coming season, which will be upon us in a few weeks. The good news is that we have secured a contract with one of the cruise ship companies to provide our services whenever they … Continue reading Winter is the Quiet Time


End of Season

Now that winter has arrived here in Bergen, the tourist industry more or less goes into hibernation. Our last guests of the year were a couple of delightful ladies from Geelong, near Melbourne in Australia, who had stopped off for a short stay in Bergen before heading north to try and catch the northern lights … Continue reading End of Season

Night Time

A few days ago I figured it was time for night shots of Bergen, now that it's getting darker early in the evenings as the year draws to a close.  I took a trip to the Løvstien footpath which goes along the side of Mount Løvstakken and overlooks the valley of central Bergen, to get … Continue reading Night Time

Autumn in Bergen

This year we have some reasonably good autumn colours in Bergen, although the weather hasn't been good for photography of late.  On one or two of the decent days I have been able to get out and get some shots of nature's most glorious season...

A Trip Back Home…

Come September and the tourist season is more or less over in Bergen - no more cruise ships - so it was time to take a wee trip back home to Scotland for the annual hoolie.  In between going from one pub to another I inexplicably found myself on a bus heading north and, before … Continue reading A Trip Back Home…

A Sunny and Busy Summer in Bergen

This year we have actually managed to have a very good summer here in Bergen and Bergen Photo Walks has been busy both within the city itself and further afield. For most of May, June and July we have been bathed in sunshine and have made the most of our glorious summer by taking some … Continue reading A Sunny and Busy Summer in Bergen

Summer Weather

For the last couple of weeks Bergen has been bathed in some rare but very welcome sunshine.  The temperatures have risen above 30C on occasion and there has been barely any rain for nearly a month - surely some sort of record in this part of the world.  The fantastic summer weather has meant we've … Continue reading Summer Weather

A Brief Trip Away

I was recently lucky enough to get my annual May trip away from Bergen and left for a quick visit to the beautiful city of Prague in Czechia with side-trips to Bratislava, Slovakia and Vienna, Austria thrown in for good measure.  As usual a hectic trip but a great one.  The following are a few … Continue reading A Brief Trip Away

One of Bergen’s top Attractions

Now that spring has arrived, the tourist on their cruise ships are coming to town and the temperatures have climbed (slightly), so, too, has the rain arrived.  Bergen is renowned as one of Europe's wettest cities and so far this year shows no sign of losing that reputation. So, what to do on a rainy … Continue reading One of Bergen’s top Attractions


After what seemed to be an interminably long winter with snow all the way into April, we seem to have finally been treated to the arrival of spring.  While it will take two or three weeks yet before we see much in the way of greenery this far north, the temperatures have risen markedly and … Continue reading Finally…