Night Time

A few days ago I figured it was time for night shots of Bergen, now that it's getting darker early in the evenings as the year draws to a close.  I took a trip to the Løvstien footpath which goes along the side of Mount Løvstakken and overlooks the valley of central Bergen, to get … Continue reading Night Time


Autumn in Bergen

This year we have some reasonably good autumn colours in Bergen, although the weather hasn't been good for photography of late.  On one or two of the decent days I have been able to get out and get some shots of nature's most glorious season...

A Trip Back Home…

Come September and the tourist season is more or less over in Bergen - no more cruise ships - so it was time to take a wee trip back home to Scotland for the annual hoolie.  In between going from one pub to another I inexplicably found myself on a bus heading north and, before … Continue reading A Trip Back Home…

Summer Weather

For the last couple of weeks Bergen has been bathed in some rare but very welcome sunshine.  The temperatures have risen above 30C on occasion and there has been barely any rain for nearly a month - surely some sort of record in this part of the world.  The fantastic summer weather has meant we've … Continue reading Summer Weather


After what seemed to be an interminably long winter with snow all the way into April, we seem to have finally been treated to the arrival of spring.  While it will take two or three weeks yet before we see much in the way of greenery this far north, the temperatures have risen markedly and … Continue reading Finally…

A Trip to Sotra

A few days ago we decided to head out for  trip to Sotra and some of the other island which form a large archipeligo just off the coast of Bergen.  Although the day was overcast and grey for the most part we still managed to get some decent shots of the multitude of islands, fjords, … Continue reading A Trip to Sotra

A Last Blast of Winter?

After a very slow thaw which saw most of the snow and ice taking its time to disappear, yesterday dealt us what was, hopefully, the last wintry blast of snow before spring finally sets in.  Although this far north spring takes a while to arrive it's unusual to get snow in Bergen this late in … Continue reading A Last Blast of Winter?

It’s Still Winter in Bergen

For the last couple of weeks we've been experiencing some not entirely unexpected winter weather in Bergen.  A small snowfall last week and some cold temperatures were followed up with a slightly heavier snowfall yesterday.  The first couple of images here are from last week and a visit to the Montana area, the rest are … Continue reading It’s Still Winter in Bergen


A Busy Month for Birdlife

As well as seeing the beginning of the tourist season in Bergen, May brings about a noticeable increase in the activity of the birdlife which abounds in and around the city. Nesting has been done and many species are now revelling in the increased food supplies brought on by the warmer weather, becoming much more … Continue reading A Busy Month for Birdlife

The Forest in Spring

Although not on the Bergen Photo Walks itinerary, I thought it would be good to show you some of the nature that is within easy reach of Bergen city centre. Kanadaskogen is a large area of natural forest within Bergen city limits on the south side of the city,  easily accessible by public transport from … Continue reading The Forest in Spring